At RGS Group, we are continuously striving to reduce our impact on the environment. This is achieved through our actions, our premises, use of packaging and the promotion of products that reduce the use of single use plastics.

Over 80% of our waste is Recycled

Packaging Materials Reused

All our vehicles are complaint with the current emission regulations

Our premises are fitted with LED lighting & motion sensors to minimise energy usage

Bulk Purchasing to Reduce C02 Emissions

Delivery Routes Carefully planned to reduce emissions

Work with ethical suppliers to source sustainable products

Over 98% of our Customers receive electronic invoices and statements

We have started a Forest

Our promise to help reduce the impact on the planet, we are introducing a new tree planting scheme to help make a difference against the climate crisis.

We are planting trees on behalf of our customers, using this tree planning scheme as a way of counterbalancing the emissions associated with our own road mileage.


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