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Biozoon UK

The Biozoon UK products offer persons who cannot eat and drink normally the opportunity to taste and experience foods that they may not be able to enjoy due to dysphagia and other medical issues including being nil by mouth.

Air with Flavour®

Innovative taste experience to improve quality of life and rehabilitation for those “nil by mouth” suffering from severe dysphagia.

Working with Us

  • An innovative system that turns liquid into intensely flavoured foam bubbles

  • Foam bubbles can be placed in the mouth which instantly dissolve without the need to swallow.

  • Allows patients who are nil by mouth an amazing taste of their favourite flavour

  • Provides comfort and improves quality of life helping to minimize the anxiety and distress of being nil by mouth

  • Greatly assists in rehabilitation producing quality dry swallows

How Air with Flavour® works

Innovative products for persons suffering from dysphagia

Air with Flavour®

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