Easy Wash Flat Mop System

The Easy Wash Flat Mop System is a compact microfibre flat mop system, which is a faster and more versatile way to clean small to medium areas than socket mops, including quick response cleaning and difficult areas such as staircases, skirting and behind pipes.

  • Cleans quicker than traditional mops
  • Microfibre effective cleaning
  • Floors dryer quicker
  • Cleans without chemicals
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Cleans floors, skirting, staircases, tiles, etc.

The abrasive microfibre mop cleans without chemicals and, as you use less water than traditional mops, the floors dryer faster too.

The touch-free frame reduces the risk of cross-contamination, while the micro flaps prevents accidental release during use.

The ergonomically designed 15 litre bucket features a wide opening for easy filling, compact wringer, rear handle that helps emptying, and integrated hook that attaches the mop handle to the bucket.

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