Raptor 360Pro – Brushes & Pads


Depending on what type of floor surface you are trying to clean and what type of dirt or debris you are trying to remove you can choose from of our wide range of pads and brushes.

The Raptor 360Pro pads come in a variety of textures easily recognised by their colours.

Which brush is the one for you?

The Raptor 360Pro is a heavy-duty compact scrubber for hard floors along with exceptional cleaning power for grouted surfaces.

With an extensive range of brushes and pads, allows you to handle a wide variety of soil types, floor types, and cleaning applications.

PPL Standard Blue Brush

The Standard brush supplied with the Raptor 360Pro.

Designed for everyday scrubbing and general cleaning.
Suitable on vinyl, rubber, marble, ceramic, porcelain, and concrete floors.

PPL nylon bristles, and Red wear level indicator.

PES Soft Brown Brush

Softer bristles, make them perfect for treated surfaces, wood floors, timber sports halls, and floor polishing.

Natural fibre material bristles.

Tynex Hard Grey Brush

The Tynex bristles are tougher, they are ideal for heavy-duty cleaning and removing stubborn grime.

For use on rough concrete / industrial floors

Pad Drive Board

The Pad drive boards allow for floor pads to be added to the machine for floor buffing, cleaning, deep cleaning, and stripping.

For use in combination with our floor pads.

Melamine Floor Pad

Designed to create a suction effect to lift soil and grease from microporous flooring.

Can be used on tile, stone, wood, vinyl, and more to restore flooring to its original color and texture, using only water.

No harsh chemicals are required.

Caution: These pads are powerful and may remove floor coatings, so use them with care.

Regular Floor Pads

A full range of floor pads to fit the Raptor Pad Drive Board.  Suitable for all tasks from stripping to buffing.

Made from recycled PET plastics

See our floor pad colour guide here.

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