Prevent Falls in Care Homes with Effective Solutions

Did you know that falls make up 40% of nursing home admissions and are the leading cause of injury-related deaths for adults over 75?
Protect your residents and provide the best care possible with a plan to prevent falls.

There are many different solutions that can help you to transform your fall prevention plans.

Maxalert is a highly respected brand in the care sector, known for its expertise in fall prevention and patient monitoring systems. Our range of products and solutions are essential for care home environments where resident movement must be monitored to ensure safety and security.

With solutions tailored to meet the needs of every patient, you can significantly reduce the risk of falls and save costs. Falls currently cost the UK economy £800 million per year, according to the HSE. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve the care you provide whilst protecting your residents.


Recommended Solutions for Fall Prevention
Floor Sensors:

The Floor Sensor Mat alerts caregivers when pressure is applied by someone stepping onto the mat. Designed with a non-slip and robust surface, it can be strategically placed by the bedside, at doorways, or on stairs.

Motion Sensors:

The PIR Motion Sensor intelligently detects patient movement within a defined area, and this contact-free solution eliminates infection control concerns. When body movement is detected, an alarm is triggered via a remote monitor or existing call system.

Bed & Chair Sensors:

Designed to alert care staff when a patient tries to leave their bed or seat, the Bed and Chair Sensor Mat systems are placed on top of a mattress (beneath the covers), or on a chair. The sensor pad triggers an alarm when pressure is released by sitting up in bed or exiting the chair.

Essential Accessories:

We also offer a full range of spare parts and accessories for many leading Nurse Call Systems. From pear push leads and pendants to call points and extension cables, we have everything you need to maintain your existing call system.

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