Solving Vandalism Issues in School Washrooms

Vandalism and misuse of washroom facilities is faced by many schools, colleges, and academies. Toilet paper dispensers, in particular, often bear the brunt of such destructive behaviour.

Read more how our team here at RGS Group provided an effective and sustainable solution to a school facing this issue, using the Lucart L-One Mini dispenser system.

The Challenge

It all begins with a call from a school that had been grappling with recurring vandalism to their washroom toilet paper dispensers. The issue was not just the damage to the dispensers, but the subsequent misuse of the toilet paper, clogging toilets and causing unnecessary maintenance expenses. The school had tried various types of dispensers in an attempt to curb this destructive behaviour but hadn’t found a lasting solution.

The Solution

Our team offered a free trial of the Lucart L-One Mini dispenser, a robust, compact, and versatile centre-pull toilet paper dispenser. This dispenser is specially designed to dispense only one sheet at a time, ensuring lower consumption and promoting absolute hygiene. Its compact and discreet design makes it ideal for any washroom area. However, when we presented this solution to the school, they were sceptical about its effectiveness, with a comment like, “I can’t see them lasting very long in here…” Confident about the solution, based on other similar experiences and issues, the challenge was set, and we were determined to prove them wrong.

The Trial

We installed five Lucart L-One Mini dispensers in the worst block of the school washrooms, These dispensers, with their single-sheet controlled usage, were put to the test. Three weeks into the trial, the dispensers remained intact and fully functional. Additionally, the school noticed a significant reduction in paper consumption due to the efficient one-sheet dispensing.

The Results

The success of the trial dispelled the initial doubts, and the school decided to move forward with a full fit-out throughout the entire site. They took advantage of the offer of free on-loan dispensers and eco-natural paper provided by RGS Group, giving the school a green tick for sustainability and aligned perfectly with the school’s eco-aware objectives. We are here to provide full support and work collaboratively to create clean, safe, and eco-friendly environments for the benefit of students, staff, and the planet. Join us in making a difference.