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  • Healthcare

    Healthcare Products For The Nursing & Care Industry

    We supply a complete range of products for cleaning, hygiene and janitorial applications. We offer cost effective solutions to solve your problem tasks complete range of products for cleaning, hygiene and janitorial applications. We offer cost effective solutions to solve your problem tasks.

  • Education & Schools

    Fast Delivery Service Across The Country

    An independent established company focusing on specific market sectors. Working closely with our clients, offering advice, support and solutions to individual requirements, supplying an extensive range of products and systems designed to improve efficiency whilst reducing costs, wastage and impact on the environment.

  • Cleaning & Janitorial

    Cost Effective Solutions

    We offer a wide range of products to a broad spectrum of customers including contract cleaners, healthcare establishments, surgeries, schools, colleges, catering outlets, general industry and local authorities

  • Catering Products & Disposables

    A Comprehensive Selection

    We supply a complete range of products for cleaning, hygiene and janitorial applications. We offer cost effective solutions to solve your problem tasks complete range of products for cleaning, hygiene and janitorial applications. We offer cost effective solutions to solve your problem tasks.

Popular Categories

  • Wrapmaster 4500 Cling Film Refills

    Wrapmaster 4500 Cling Film Refills

    The Wrapmaster system ensures effortless dispensing with a perfect tangle free cut every time.

    • Safe and easy to use
    • Completely enclosed patented cutting mechanism
    • Grips hold of the film ready for next use
    • Cost in use saving – reduced wastage up to 30% and increased productivity
    • Pack Size: 3 x 45cm x 300m


  • GOJO® Mild Foam Handwash Fragrance Free - FMX Refill

    GOJO® Mild Foam Handwash Fragrance Free - FMX Refill

    GOJO® Mild Foam Hand Wash is an Ecolabel approved formulation that is extremely gentle to the skin and contains no fragrance or dyes. It is ideal for high frequency handwashing and with refills that are SANITARY SEALED™, made with SMART-FLEX™ technology and PET material which means it uses 30% less plastic that regular HDPE bottles. For use with the GOJO FMX manual dispenser. Ecolabel number UK/30/003.


  • Combi-Screen 10SL Urine Test Strips

    Combi-Screen 10SL Urine Test Strips

    Combi-Screen Urinalysis Test Strips

    Test parameters: Glucose, Ketones, Proteins, Ph, Blood, Nitrite, Leucocytes, SG, Biliruben, Urobilinogen.

    Used extensively within the NHS. Long shelf life

    ISO certified and CE licensed. Manufactured in Germany


  • iPad Defibrillator

    iPad Defibrillator

    THE NEW IPAD CU-SP1 is the latest in the range of intelligent public access defibrillators from one of the Worlds leading manufacturers of clinical defibrillator monitors. iPAD CU-SP1 is an easy-to-use Semi-Automated External Defibrillator (AED) that is small, light, and portable, and uses a battery. The AED automatically reads the patient’s electrocardiogram (ECG) and determines if a cardiac arrest that requires defibrillation has occurred, so that both medical professionals and the general public can easily operate it. Cardiac arrest can occur anytime to anyone at any place and may threaten the patient’s life if the appropriate CPR and/or electric shock with a defibrillator are not applied within a few minutes. The iPAD CU-SP1 is a semi-automated external defibrillator (AED). If connected to a patient, the iPAD CU-SP1 automatically acquires and analise the electrocardiogram (ECG) of the patient for the presence of Ventricular Fibrillation or Ventricular Tachycardia (also known as shockable rhythms). If a shockable rhythm is detected, the device automatically charges itself. Defibrillating shock is delivered when the you press the SHOCK button. The i-PAD CU-SP1 is easy to use. It guides the you throughout a rescue operation using voice prompts and indicators (LED and graphical indicators). Designed to be used by minimally trained individuals, the iPAD CU-SP1 is suitable for use almost anywhere that people gather, whether it’s within the workplace, a shopping centre or a hospital, the iPAD CU-SP1 makes saving lives easier than ever.

    See Product Download Information Below


  • Nurse Call Pressure Alert Mat - Bed Alert

    Nurse Call Pressure Alert Mat - Bed Alert

    Bed Alert System for the wandering or at risk patient. Works with nearly all nurse call systems, just plug in and use! By placing the mat under the bedsheets/mattress, carers can be alerted immediately if an at risk patient's weight moves off the alert mat. Alerts with audio alarm or connects to the nurse call system. Can operate with battery or off the mains. Adjustable delay function to reduce false alarms. Alarm resets automatically when patient returns to bed or can be reset manually by carer. Manufactured using a soft PVC which ensures total patient comfort. Size: 30cm x 82cm. 12 Month warranty

    We supply the stereo jack plug as standard (plug with 2 black rings) -  if in doubt please call us to confirm your plug type 01642 211500

    Unlike some mats on the market ours do not have any limited use restictions



  • Toilet Roll 200 Sheet

    Toilet Roll 200 Sheet

    Standard 200 sheet toilet roll

    Providing a soft yet strong quality toilet tissue

    Also available in 320 sheet and Supersoft



RGS are well-established as one of the leading suppliers of products for the cleaning, healthcare and janitorial sectors. For over 20 years, we have been supplying the highest quality products to a wide variety of customers, working closely with our clients to ensure that the products we provide are the perfect match for their requirements. Whatever the task, we can provide a solution.

We have supplied products to a wide range of customers from cleaners to schools and local authorities, always providing exceptional service, great value for money and prompt delivery as standard with every order. For competitively priced products which you can trust to provide the most effective results every time, look no further than RGS Hygiene & Healthcare

We specialise in supplying products to a range of industries, including the cleaning and janitorial sectors, healthcare, schools and colleges, catering, and safety and P.P.E. Our online store features products for all of these markets, all available at competitive prices which can help you to save money. We understand the importance of being able to reduce your costs where possible, which is why we strive to provide services which offer fantastic value for money.

One important aspect of our service is the advice that we can provide to help you to find what you are looking for. If you are unsure which product is best for your budget and requirements, one quick call to our team will enable you to take advantage of our expertise and receive the guidance that you need to make the right purchase for your business.

Our team have extensive experience of working with a diverse range of customers, and this experience has helped us to establish a good understanding of what our clients require when they are purchasing cleaning, healthcare, catering or janitorial products.

As well as delivering our high quality products nationwide, we can also offer the advice that you need to ensure that you select the right product for your requirements. You can trust our team to guide you towards finding the perfect product for your needs, with the ultimate aim of making every task more simple and saving you money.

We have established an enviable reputation for the quality of our services, so why not get in touch today to learn more, or place an order in our online store to see for yourself just what we can offer?

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Using our own company operated vehicles together with a nationwide distribution network we can deliver quickly to all our customers.  This ensures you get your deliveries on time, every time! Some products displayed are not standard stock items – these items show an estimated lead time.

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Delivery is free to our local area postcodes (TS, DL, DH, SR & NE) for orders of £30.00 and above. (Under £30.00 a small order surcharge of £3.00 will apply)

Orders need to be placed by 4.00pm for local delivery.

Delivery is free to the UK Mainland on orders of £100.00 or above.(Under £100.00 a small order surcharge of £6.95 will apply).

Orders need to be placed by 2:00pm for national 24/48hr delivery.

Please contact us for prices on deliveries outside of UK mainland.

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